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Boost Website Traffic with Fast, A ccurate AdWords Tr anslation from One Hour Translation

Google Adwords is the most effective online pay per click advertising program , and enable s businesses to reach out to new global customers . However, Adwords advertising campaigns need to be translated accurately in order to promote any products or services effectively and maximize target traffic. One Hour Translation is a leading AdWords translation service that can help companies advertise and promote their products or services in 73 languages in different countries. We are specialists in AdWords translation services so that our clients can achieve the best return on investment from global campaigns.

Our translators only work in their mother tongue and will adapt your content to suit your target audience and culture, so that you build a strong brand identity internationally . We employ the latest translation technology to ensure quality and prompt delivery. This includes a multi-stage quality check process that enables us to provide 100% accurate translations and e very translator is chosen for a project based on expertise in the subject.

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We are committed to delivering Adwords translations well within the specified time without compromising quality. Our translators have the ability to deliver up to 500 words in two hours, and we are available around the clock to ensure no time wasted. Projects can be tracked by an online countdown timer that our translators always manage to beat when it comes to delivery.
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We are among the most transparent AdWords translation services when it comes to pricing. We always charge a fixed rate on a per-source-word basis. Our rates include project management, quality assurance and uncommon language request s. E xpert proofreading and editing services are available at an additional cost.

Types of Adwords Documents we translate

marketing copy, banner ads, keywords, search engine optimization tools, SEO keywords, google analytics, adwords campaigns, adwords reports, adwords dashboards, search terms, search ads, ad copy, advertising copy, dynamic ads, adwords scripts, feed-based triggers, Adwords integration applications, Adwords tracking, Adwords analyses, Adwords programs, conversion tracking, conversion statistics, Adwords click rate data, Adwords API documentation, google Adwords, multimedia ads, Adwords csv file, Adwords editor suite, Adwords strategy, Adwords keyword competition, Adwords page rank, Adwords distribution, Adwords account management, placement targeted advertisements, ad content, hyperlink content

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“Since creativity and keyword optimization are key to AdWords success, we really needed a translation service that were experienced and had the skills to deliver accurate translations that won’t cause us any embarrassment in front of a global audience. One Hour Translation not only helped us choose relevant keywords for our target markets and follow Google’s guidelines and best practices, but also translated the creative messages to maintain cultural relevancy. That’s what has made us choose One Hour as our permanent partner.”

Peter G. Holland

Languages we translate to

Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

86 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

We are an ISO certified global leader in Adwords t rans lation services which has been made possible through our dedicated team of linguists, project managers, quality assurance specialists, 15,000 and certified translator. Since our inception, One Hour Translation has offer ed customers a guarantee of cost effective, high quality translation services. We incorporate the latest translation technology to enhance the quality of our human translation and at the same time reduce costs and turnaround time. Our projects are assigned to native language translators who are well qualified a nd experienced in Adwords translation.

AdWords Translation Services

AdWords is Google’s effective Pay per Click advertising program that many companies use to promote products and services worldwide. These ads need to be presented in different languages with special attention to keywords so that websites receive quality traffic. At One Hour Translation, we help our clients attract the maximum international customers and provide them with a great user experience to increase conversions. Our translators will take time to localize your AdWords campaigns and use keywords your potential customers would use in their own language to find your products and services.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We take every measure to ensure that our client’s data is secure and comply with all security and privacy standards. Our translators are bound by an NDA, which can be customized at your request. Feel free to contact our legal team for further clarification on our security and privacy measures.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

We authenticate our translations with a Certificate of Translation Accuracy , presented at the conclusion of every Adwords translation. This certificate can be used in U.S. government offices such as embassies, foreign offices, immigration services, and courts at the local, state, and federal level. For notarized translation services, the presence of a public notary is required .