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In this globalized economy, your business is inextricably tied to the happenings of foreign markets. Whether it’s a supplier or direct customers, you need to have all of the information to make intelligent business decisions. Business and economy translation services enables your business to appropriately function and operate in the world economy. Becoming an international player in your industry has endless benefits including access to foreign investors, new customers and lower priced materials.

The certified translators at One Hour Translators are working 24x7 to produce expert business and economy translations fast enough to keep up with the extremely dynamic global economy. We cover 2,000 language pairs that span 73 languages with our 15,000 professionals. We will match the optimal expert to perform your business and economy translation to ensure an accurate translation that reads like it was written by a local professional.

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Our service team is committed to providing the fastest business and economy translation service in the world. We offer 24x7 service with translators and customer service representatives available to you around the clock. Follow the status of your order with our online countdown timer that is up to the second on when your translation will be finished.
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We offer a very competitive fixer per-source-word rate that includes professional project management, immediate turnaround times, 24x7 customer service and uncommon languages. For a reasonable cost, you can add proofreading and expert translations to the project.

Business & Economy Documents we translate

commercial documents, business correspondence, professional contracts, economic assessments, balance sheets, protocols, predictive models, planning documents, project reports, business news, economic news, patent specifications, economic reports, economic forecasts, business plans, sales projections, journal articles, accounting statements, market research, guarantee letters, feasibility reports, audit reports, credit requests, economic planning, market incentives, business recommendations, indicative planning, financial planning, statement of cash flows, earnings statements, competitive analyses, bank loan requests, breakeven analyses, economic history, economic analyses, profit and loss projection, sales forecast, statements of capital, income statements, powerpoint presentation reports, progress reports, expense reports, proposals, final reports, request memos, business assessments, economic recommendations

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“The price of critical supplies for our business are dependant on global financial markets. We need to know what is going on down to the finest detail almost immediately and One Hour Translation makes that possible with amazingly fast business and economy translations. Because of our expansion into the global marketplace we also started receiving interest from foreign investors and had to provide highly advanced business documents and economic forecasts in their native language. Luckily, One Hour Translation provided the expert translators we needed to close the deal and secure a valuable investment.”

Drew Maxwell

Languages we translate to

Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

64 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is the most trusted business and economy translation service provider of leading companies worldwide. Customers around the world are extremely satisfied because they find the process to be hassle free, fast and accurate. One Hour Translation has a network of over 15,000 certified translators who are locally situated in their native language region, i.e. Korean translator working in South Korea. This ensures that every business and economy translation will sound as though it was written by a local professional that is knowledgeable about the industry and topic at hand. We specialize in reports, proposals, economic analyses and much more.

Business & Economy Translation Services

Business and economy translation is the adaptation of all reports, statements and analyses to a foreign language in order expand into a new international market or improve global performance. All major international players use business and economy translation services to stay on top of the latests news and economic trends, as well as take advantage of international opportunities. Types of translations include everything from indicative planning to patent specifications to journal articles.

Privacy and Confidentiality

To ensure the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality, all 15,000 of the translators at One Hour Translation are required to sign an NDA before working. Further security measures can be found in our terms of service agreement. If a custom NDA is needed for a specific industry, please contact our legal department using the form above.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

One Hour Translation issues a certificate of translation accuracy immediately upon the final delivery of the business and economy translation. United States Courts, embassies, and other government organizations recognize this certificate as a legal document. Please note that a public notary is required for notarized translation as we do not offer this service.